"The Price Value Leader"

About us - The Perennial Farm is entering our 34th year in business at its present location in Glen Arm, Maryland. We were originally a landscape design and installation company. These valuable landscape roots have given us valuable insight into the needs of garden centers and landscapers as we have transformed and grown our business through the years. "We continually try to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations."
What makes us “tick” - We have created an environment dedicated to doing things efficiently in all of our operations. This means understanding how to grow and produce a mature plant that is the highest quality at the lowest cost. We listen to the marketplace and continually adjust our operations, support and business strategies to meet an ever-changing business environment. Our customers have told us they want the highest quality plant material at a good price value. Customers want a high level of customer service and support. They want plant material delivered when they need it…not when a grower wants to deliver it. Lastly and most importantly, our customers want a grower who they can rely on as a business partner to help them grow their business. The Perennial Farm is recognized as the “Price Value Leader”.
Today - We have expanded to over 50 acres and we have over 60 greenhouses and an additional 40 outside growing areas. More then half of these greenhouses are heated for year-round production. The Perennial Farm grows to fulfill the "on demand" needs of our customers. We continue to introduce new varieties of plants and have grown over 1000 different varieties for our wholesale customers. We specialize in growing quality landscape-sized perennials, ornamental grasses, hardy ferns, flowering shrubs & vines and ground cover. We continue to grow varieties that are unusual and hard to find. Our high quality standards ensure healthy and uniformly attractive plants. We have the tried and true favorites, grown in the State of Maryland.
How have we demonstrated our business partnership? –  By listening to our customers and helping them compete in an ever-changing business environment.  We’ve developed hundreds of  “silent sales aids” for our customers to use. We’ve created web sites for our customers that are totally dedicated to plant lovers…with no information on The Perennial Farm…just tons of pictures, articles and gardening tips.  A beautiful, 132-page, full color catalog …for our customer reference and gardening use.
Perennial Availability… made easy – We have created many easy, user-friendly ways to get and review our availability. We send out weekly faxes. We publish weekly newsletters linking to important places on our various web sites.  You can download it our web site at any time. We email the availability to you directly…or you can call our availability hotline number and a plant availability is on you fax within minutes.

Mary's Must Have – Each week we publish Mary's Must Haves. These are plants that caught Mary Hall's eye and are plants that are gorgeous for that week. You can't go wrong with Beth's Picks.
Four web sites for our customers.
www.PerennialFarm.com - Tons of information available…only a click away.
www.GrowingForYou.com - This web site was designed as a resource for the customers of premium garden centers and landscapers. It contains pictures, articles and important information on over 1000 different perennials, ornamental grasses, hardy ferns, flowering shrubs, flowering vines and ground cover along with hundreds of articles and tips on gardening.
www.WhatsNative.com - Extensive information on native perennials. Check out our web site & book.
www.TreadwellPlants.com - The hot new line of perennials dfor pathways and walkways. Database search engine and garden design tools.

Deer-Leerious TM Plants - The exciting new line of "plants that deer don't like to eat". We have chosen plants based on research, reference guides and experienced gardeners throughout the country. We have graded and specified the based on their deer resistence.
Educational Seminars & Presentations – The Perennial Farm is proud to sponsor a series of educational seminar. Recent speakers have featuring Dr Allan Armitage, John Stanley, Chris Hansen and John Kennedy . We’ve created a library of PowerPoint presentations and educational tools on over a dozen gardening subjects. The Perennial Farm can help coordinate presentations at your location or customize a presentation to your specific needs.
Whats Native - The Perennial Farm continues to lead the way in the area of native plants and native cultivars. We have just published our 2nd edition Whats Native book. It includes a special introduction by Dr. Allan Armitage. In addition you can visit our newest web site www.whatsnative.com for the best plant information and pictures.

30 different trifold brochures – Available to our customers on plant varieties, uses and subjects.
Treadwell Perennials - Go beyond the boring and stretch your imagination. Put the finishing touch on your garden project. Treadwell Perennials are excellent groundcovers for along pathways, walls, patios, decks, and between stepping-stones. Treadwell Perennials are the preferred plant material for your gardening project.
Quotes the same day - we research and offer substitutions to allow you to complete your order. We also find and bring in hard to find plants to help our customers get the job. Send us your list…. We’ll make it easy for you.
Customer Appreciation Days – We open up The Perennial Farm to all of our valued customers and host a barbeque with special pricing on all of our plant material for those who visit us.

Deliveries…when you want them…not when we feel like delivering them. Our customers marvel at our deliveries and refer to us as “The Delivery Specialists”. We deliver from Maine to North Carolina and out to Ohio.